Wanted 5 Games is the front-runner in the development, distribution and monetisation of HTML5 games that work on any platform and any device.

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ABOUT Wanted 5 Games:

Wanted 5 Games was established by experienced gaming professionals and online industry veterans.

We love to play games and in the last couple of years we have seen the trend that Adobe Flash is slowly dying. This makes it very hard for traditional platforms to pivot towards a cross platform mobile proposition. We are solving this problem by using our strong publishing and engagement platform, where we deliver high quality HTML5 games which are 100% cross platform. In this way, we are making sure that everyone around the world is able to play games.

  • Founded in the year 2019.
  • Our office is based in Haarlem, The Netherlands.
  • Our games have been played over 30 million times.
  • We work with 50+ developers all over the world.
  • Our games are published by thousands of portal owners all over the world.

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Our Team

Wanted 5 Games is built and managed by experienced, smart, skilled but most of all passionate online gaming professionals.

Aaron Ligthart

Game Developer

Aaron is an engergetic developer who loves to get people to laugh. He gradutated with a degree in game art in 2016, and after working in the industry he decided to pick up programming so he could make fun and entertaining games himself. And with the eyes of an eagle he'll make sure not a single bug escapes our sight!

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Cathy Besse

Partnership Manager

Cathy is a motivated young professional with four years of experience in the online game industry and a Bachelor in Business Administration, specialization in Marketing. She manages the Distribution at Wanted 5 Games and loves new HTML5 games and developing business relations. You can wake her up for a veggie burger from McDonald's!

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Weikang Hu

Lead Game Developer

Weikang is always inquisitive and wants to be challenged to create the most awesome game ever. Using his investigative and analytic capacity he can overcome any obstacles. As game development lead he makes sure that all the games go into the right direction and he is always there to help his colleagues.

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Rick Gijsen

Creative Director

A rare mix between developer and designer, not often seen in the wild. He can't choose, so why not both? He loves designing fun and intuitive gameplay. Implementing the features that he designed himself makes the programming even more fun! Rick is the resident DJ of the game studio and annoys everyone with bad puns that he enjoys a lot.

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Jord de Kooning

CEO & Founder

Jord has more than 12 years of experience within the online gaming industry. Before founding Wanted 5 Games he worked for SPIL Games in various roles and as CEO of Cloud Games. Jord believes that a profitable business is built on strong partnerships, open communication and is always on the lookout for win-win situations.

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Nick Schrama

Senior 3D Artist

Nick a 3D specialist who has gained a lot of experience designing beautifull buildings for architects, but his true passion lies in games...Of course by making awesome 3D art for all the games from Wanted 5, but also in his spare time, as he loves to play Modern Warfare with his friends.

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Karin Ruiten

Online Advertising Manager

Karin has long term track record in the gaming industry with a specialization in optimizing advertising inventory. Previously she worked for SPIL Games, Orange Games, Cool Games and now she is advising Wanted 5 Games. Karin is very driven in what she does, it doesn't matter if it's finding the right partner to monetize Lat Am traffic or upgrading the eCPM rate.

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Sonja van Vuure

Art Director

Expert in asset creation for games, both vector graphics and handpainted assets. Experienced, quick and creative, always taking it to the next level. Sonja likes to focus on the visual design of a game. she loves to create games that have an iconic style and mood and thinks along with programmers and designers to find a style most lively and interactive for our games.

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Victor Horbach

Strategic Advisor

With a track record of over 10 years of experience in the gaming market, Victor has seen all sides of the industry. His extensive network and eye for (new) business opportunities makes Victor an important advisor for Wanted 5 Games. Victor lives in the UK and is an avid supporter of the Spurs. He is also known to be a big spender in various games, Online Soccer Manager being his weak spot for years now.

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Robert Gielisse

Legal Advisor

Robert started as a laywer on the 'Zuid-As' of Amsterdam, working for various top firms like the 'Brauw Blackstone and Westbroek'. Since 2014 he is corporate director at the Reat, responsible for all legal and compliance matters. His broad legal background, his sharp eye and ability to change hats and shift gears easily, Robert is a valuable advisor for Wanted 5 Games. And oh....he has never been beaten by anyone while playing Mario Kart 64...so are you are up for a challenge?

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Charlie Yau

Game Developer

Charlie is a very ambitious developer with both front and back-end experience. He's an expert at game physics and has an above average interest for algoritms. Between all that coding and calculating, Charlie still finds time to keep track of his 11!! League of Legends accounts.

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Thijs Adema

Game Developer

Thijs is an ambitious and passionate developer who gets inspired by his favorite game Stardew Valley. He spends most of his free time on his own company and developing his own game. Next to that Thijs loves sports and writing.

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Jan de Munnik

Game Artist

Jan is a very motivated and driven artist who is always looking for the extra 'oomph' in his art.....as long as it's either Spicey! or Fancy! it get's the nod from Jan. When working on his own art, Mike Mignola (Hellboy comics) is a big inspiration.

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Niels van Eijk

Game Dev Intern

Niels has a broad interest in several coding languages and is expereinced in: C#, Java, HTML5 and CSS3. He loves making 'top down' shooters, especially when he is challenged to make it multiplayer! In his free time, he loves to play multiplayer games (like LoL), but his favorite game is Horizon: Zero dawn!

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Kelvin Noordenbos

Game Dev Intern

Kelvin is a very busy bee next to his study: he had a role in the HvA student organisation (SiT), has several cool jobs on the side and (of course) loves to play games. His all time favorite game is Final Fantasy!

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Jay Fairouz

Game Dev Intern

Jay is an ambitious developer who loves a good code challenge. He is a great person to work with, because of his drive and positive attitude! He loves playing Spelunky, over and over again.....just because.....it's so cool!

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Falco Hoogeveen

3D Art Intern

Falco's passion is 3D and seeing his ideas become ‘reality’ is what makes him 'tick'. He is always curious for new software, experiences and workflows! Rust and CoD Modern Warfare are competing for his most favorite game ever.....

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Zoë Hollewand

3D Art Intern

Zoe likes making 2d illustrations and concepts and currently she is learning to make her own illustrations and concepts come to life in in 3D models. She loves making art that brings joy to people! Mario Kart is her all time favorite game!

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