Idle Farming Empire
In close cooperation with Futureplay, we ported their successful AppStore game to the Facebook Instant Games platform.
January 2017
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This game is available on the Facebook Instant Games platform and can be played here.
Futureplay Games
With tens of millions of worldwide players playing the app store version of this game, porting to the Facebook Instant Games platform was the next step. The audiences of the game and platform are a perfect match.

The core mechanic of the game is to harvest your planted crops by swiping. For each harvested crop the user is rewarded in coins, which can later be spent on new crops or other ways to improve the farm.

We implemented various ways to increase user retention; chat-bot messages, daily rewards, and the ability to invite your friends. Next to this we also added rewarded ads and IAP (In-App-Purchases) to generate revenue.

We selected PhaserJS as the game engine and NodeJS for a custom back-end supporting the in-game economy and to send messages via the Facebook Messenger Bot. Art was exported from the existing AppStore versions of the game and provided by Futureplay.
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