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Wanted 5 Games is specialized in the design and development of high quality HTML5 games. The games we make are distributed on several platforms and Facebook Instant Games being the most important one.

We have developed and launched 50+ own IP titles across hundreds of online web domains and we have strong partnerships with some of the biggest game studios out there. If you are looking for an HTML5 version of your (successful) native app, or if you are looking to maximize your websites profits through our publisher program, or you are a developer and want to learn more about our distribution proposition, you have come to the right address! We strive to develop and deliver high quality games, to be fast and flexible and to build long lasting ‘win-win’ partnerships.

Get to know the team!

Game Studio

We have an internal game studio consisting of the most creative and experienced developers and artists. Our focus lies specifically on the development of HTML5 games for messenger platforms, Facebook Instant being the most important one.

The team has a strong track record of working with triple A developers, porting a native App Store game to an HTML5 version that runs within Facebook Instant Games. The team made: the award winning HTML5 version of Hyper Hippo’s Adventure Capitalist, Doodle Jump for Lima Sky, Idle Farming Empire for Futureplay and others. These games can be copies of the original, but the team is also very good to adjust the game in such a way that the game taps into the unique social and viral features that FB Instant offers.

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What we do for publishers

Wanted 5 Games makes monetizing your web traffic easy and transparent by offering HTML5 games for free! The games all contain in-game advertisements allowing us to offer high revenue shares directly to you.

We offer hundreds of high quality HTML5 games that will increase the user engagement and retention on your website. Our portfolio is 100% cross-platform and all games are playable on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

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What we do for game developers

Wanted 5 Games offers a distribution platform that helps you to easily monetize your HTML5 games. We generate a transparent lifetime cash flow for your games by using our reach of over 200 million active gamers.

We provide you with: a high revenue share, an easy to integrate API, custom and friendly support and transparent reporting through our performance dashboard. Our goal is to help your games reach their full potential while serving the world a great portion of fun and excitement.

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