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Haarlem, The Netherlands, February 1st - Wanted 5 Games, the well known Dutch HTML5 game studio announces their investment in Pyzomath. This is reflected in a long term partnership where Wanted 5 Games adds financial support and knowledge, with the goal to bring as many AI-generated Match 3 levels to as many players around the world.

Players should get the challenge they need!
Each player has a specific optimal gaming experience it needs at each specific time. Pyzomath aims to find that exact experience, create it and offer it, fast! With Pyzomath’s AI platform you can offer your players the perfect Match 3 level at the right time, with the right complexity. You don't need to spend days designing the perfect levels, just let the smart AI platform do the heavy lifting. The results from the first Match 3 game made with Pyzomath are astonishing, all-important KPIs (like retention and time spent in-game) show much better results vs human-made levels. 

Pyzomath will continue to improve and optimize the AI level designer, AI generator, and AI player, while Wanted 5 Games will make sure as many game studios are aware of the capabilities of Pyzomath. The long term goal of both companies is to make sure that within 5 years, 50% of all Match 3 games will be built with the complementary Pyzomath AI. 

Johan van der Beek, CEO and Founder of Pyzomath, said:“I believe it’s inevitable that step by step AI becomes better at autonomous game creation. Match 3 level design is one of those steps. With the investment from Wanted 5, Pyzomath gets the kick start it needs to bring this technology to the world.”

Jord de Kooning, CEO and Founder of Wanted 5 Games, said
:“We are very excited about finalizing this long term partnership where we combine the strengths of both companies. With the cutting edge technology of Pyzomath and the experienced team and network from Wanted 5 Games, we believe that we can change the current Match 3 landscape.”

About Pyzomath
Pyzomath aims to create the optimal gaming experience for players by using AI and automation. As a start, Pyzomath has created a web tool in which level designers can easily create Match 3 levels and fully customize them. The AI level designer allows the human level designers to be involved as much as they want, fine-tuning every little detail or just leaving it up to the AI. Never worry about hours of tedious testing, tweaking and balancing again!

About Wanted 5 Games
Wanted 5 Games is a Dutch game studio that creates high-quality HTML5 games. They use Phaser and PlayCanvas as game engines to create beautiful casual games that can be played on any device that is connected to the internet. Their in-house team has years of experience creating (casual) HTML5 games and has worked for a wide variety of clients. The company was founded in 2019 and currently holds more than 10 employees.

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