Work @ Wanted 5
Transparency, Remote Work, Awesome Lunch

Current Openings & Internships

You're always free to reach out and tell us what you like about Wanted 5 Games and why you want to work with us.

Current openings:
Office Manager / Management Assistant (internship)

We are always on the lookout for talented interns (development, art, game production, business, etc), so if you want to know more about an internship @ Wanted 5, let us know and reach out on:

Life at Wanted 5

In the morning we always start with fresh coffee (or tea) and a good chat (stand ups) about the running projects. So everyone can start focussed on their to-do's. During the morning, the Chief Lunch Officer (aka Jord) will come by to see what the preferences are for that day. After lunch (see below) we always take some time for a walk, a game of darts or just whatever you like. We try to avoid meetings and calls as much as possible, so you have all the space to focus on your project. At the end of the day, there is always room for a (board) game, a chat or leave in time to go home to your loved ones.

Perks & Benefits

Drinks and snacks are always available at the office and free to take for all. We also cover your public transport costs.

Every Friday afternoon we play games with the whole office! Gartic Phone and Super Smash Bros are two favorites.

Need anything extra? Just ask!


Is served every day with a wide variety of dishes. We've some special days like toasted sandwich Friday and wrap Wednesday.

Every now and then there are handmade pizza's or pancakes!

Just let us know in case you're missing anything or have any dietary requirements.

Remote Work

Being a flexible and transparent organisation allows us to work from everywhere.

We do however like to meet each other every now and then, to have meetings at the office or of-course, play games.

Company Outings

Every few months, we have unforgettable outings with the whole company. Previous editions where a kart racing and playing air-soft all day long!

Things like transportation, lunch and drinks are fully taken care of by us. There are a few quite competitive team members, but maybe your skills are even better?