Game Production

We have every speciality in-house and we love to produce full games from scratch. Starting with a great design, focusing on a smooth user experience. Our teams are used to work together daily and are highly optimised, everyone knows what to do and what to expect from others, allowing us to focus 100% on creating an awesome game for you and your users!

Our producers are working with the designers, developers and artists towards a release. Their job is to make sure everyone is aligned on the project goals and has everything they need to finish their tasks. They spot potential problems, manage schedules and make sure the final product is above client expectations.

Interested? Reach out, so we can discuss your project. We are always happy to be your creative sparring partner, set out the timelines and give a realistic and sharp quote.

Game Design

Every game has a purpose, goal, rules and storyline. Our game designers make sure these are included from the very start of the project and tailored to the likes of the potential players of the game.

This team is heavily focused on the user experience by designing mechanics, components and other key elements of the game.

Wireframes, prototypes, and interviews are a few tools we're using daily.

Game Development

HTML5 is the core technology of our company. Our developers have a very deep knowledge of the core of this technology. Allowing us to develop cross platform games that are lighweight and cater the needs of players around the world.

We're using game engines like PhaserJS and PlayCanvas, in combination with our in-house software libraries. This, together with years of experience, allows us to develop high-quality products in a highly efficient way.

Game Art

Our 2D and 3D art is unique, visually appealing and recognisable for game players.

All objects are started with sketches on paper and transformed to colorful 2D images or 3D models.

Our artists will give your game their own look and feel: giving the player a unique game experience!

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