Multiplayer aircraft simulation game for team building.
June 2022
Locus Quest
Working together as a team to safely land an aircraft, how cool is that? Well, that's  the idea Locus Quest had when reaching out to us to build a unique team building game. We've created a highly detailed 3D cockpit environment full of mini-games. If the players work together and solve all the mini-games, they can safely land the aircraft!

Each player can join the game from their own device, so we build a multiplayer back-end which is connecting and sharing all the input and output across the players. This resulted in the perfect team-building game for remote teams. The game coach, provided by Locus Quest, can control the difficulty of the mini-games, which is great for tailoring the game to match the skill level of the team.

For inspiration and collecting references, our art team even visited a real Boeing 737 aircraft. The skills of all our team members combined resulted in a great user experience, full of sounds, visual effects like rain and thunder and other details.

If you are interested in playing this game with your (remote) team, reach out to Locus Quest.

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