Garden Bloom
Production of a 3D match-3 game, including design, art and development. With a high focus on 2000 optimised levels created by unique AI technology.
September 2020
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Game is distributed by Famobi and can be played here.
Famobi GmbH
Lucy is not that good of a gardener, but to live up to her grandfather's skills she still aspires to be one. One day, the book that she received from her grandpa suddenly starts to glow. This book takes her to magical places where she can discover new flowers, as well as learn to be a better gardener.

In September 2020, Famobi tasked Wanted 5 Games with making a 2000 level match-3 game within a few months. A daunting task to say the least, but Wanted 5 Games decided to tackle it. The biggest challenge, the number of levels, was solved by using a level-building AI. This AI plays hundreds of levels within minutes, guarantees that the levels are playable and balanced which saves the designers lots of time. And thus, Garden Bloom was born.

Garden Bloom is a story filled match-3 game with 10 discoverable worlds. Each world has a completely different style, and it lets you play levels to complete a special flower for your garden. In addition, the levels introduce 13 gameplay mechanics that keep the gameplay fresh. By playing levels, you also acquire stars, which can then be used to upgrade your own garden. Each object in your garden has 3 options to choose from, so each player can pick and combine a garden that fits their taste.
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