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A real arcade cabinet that is placed on Dutch stations.
April 2022
Code d'Azur / Nederlandse Spoorwegen
With the goal of finding new programmers, the Dutch railway company NS reached out to Code d'Azur, a brand and experience company with an office in Amsterdam. In order to attract developers, Code d'Azur decided to make a development-themed arcade game in combination with a real arcade cabinet that is placed on Dutch stations. The arcade game is where Wanted 5 Games came into play.

Finding the right balance between real programming and fun gameplay was a challenge tackled in this project. In the game, you play as an NS developer who fixes all issues live on the platform. By managing your tasks and fixing the upcoming issues, you make sure to survive as long as possible to set a high score on the leaderboard. Each task is played on the character's tablet, where the game uses a retro Gameboy style to portray development issues actual developers face, all themed around NS and subjects they deal with.
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